5 Reasons You Need A Remote Starter(And Some Myths)

Here at Drops Mobile, our customers ask us regularly whether or not they should get a remote starter for their vehicle. When asked these questions, our customers also present quite a few concerns with remote starters that most often are downright untrue and can even be seen as widespread myths regarding the topic. The first myth that interests me is “Why should I get one when I’d only use it a few months out of the year?”. Well, here in Atlanta it not only gets nice and toasty in the summer with our wonderful humidity, it gets downright chilly in the winter. In all honesty, the only time you wouldn’t need it around here for anything temperature related is a month or two in the spring and fall. Of course, during those times of the year is when all of the other benefits of a remote start system come in handy. Another myth I hear regularly is that installing a remote starter will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the vehicle. This issue is addressed in the Magnuson-Moss Act along with the law that installation of other aftermarket parts will not affect the warranty. For more information on this, consult your mobile installation specialist.

As you can see, the two widest spread myths regarding remote starters simply are untrue. Of course, there are others out there that are easily debunked with a simple Google search, however, the main idea is that remote starters carry with them a long list of benefits. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at a few of the benefits.

Temperature Control
Like mentioned before, we get some rather extreme temperatures here in the Atlanta area. From scorching summers to frigid winters, nobody likes getting into a hot or cold car. First off, there are health concerns to being in extreme temperatures. With issues like heat stroke and hypothermia, a remote starter on your vehicle will keep you both safe and comfortable. Also, imagine the time you save by being able to start your vehicle and let it get to the right temperature instead of having to sit in the driver’s seat waiting for that to happen. I know that I use that time to gather my things, turn the lights out, feed my dog, and casually stroll out to my truck and get into a comfortable cabin, ready to drive to my destination. On a personal note, I actually was able to set my alarm for 15 minutes later in the morning since getting a remote starter. Traveling with pets? Having a remote starter system will allow you to keep your car the perfect temperature for your furry friends while you run into the store for that milk you forgot to pick up that morning!

Safety and Security
Another myth I regularly dispel is the one where folks think that a remote starter will make your vehicle easier to steal since it’s just sitting there running. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, a remote starter will make your vehicle harder to steal. First, when a vehicle is running after being started with a remote starter, it cannot be placed in gear or operated unless the key is placed in the ignition. Secondly, the vehicle is locked and the lights can be activated along with the engine. Also, many models of remote starters on the market today are equipped with a tamper alarm function that will trigger an audible alarm in the event that the vehicle is being broken into.

Aside from the security benefits, there are also safety benefits. First, is a remote starter will help clear iced up or fogged windshields and outer mirrors. This will allow you the ability to see clearly when you get into the vehicle and drive away. Additionally, in most cases it keeps you from having to risk slipping and falling while you scrape ice and snow from the exterior of your vehicle. Finally, with a remote starter, there is no more having to fumble for your keys as you approach your vehicle, allowing you to get in and drive away. This reduces the chance for someone to accost you as you approach the vehicle.

Resale Value
Like mentioned above, the Magnuson-Moss Act allows for you to install aftermarket features to your vehicle without running the risk of voiding your warranty. With that in mind, if your warranty is transferable to a new owner, you can sell a vehicle with an intact remaining factory warranty along with the added benefit of a remote starter system. Of course, be sure to check with a factory dealer to see if your warranty is indeed transferable to a new owner along with the remaining time on the warranty when you sell the car. Simply calling a dealer and providing them with the vehicle’s VIN number will get you the information that you need.

In addition to the important benefit of getting into a car that’s a comfortable temperature, safety, and security, a remote start system also has some rather nice features of convenience. First, is the added range over a factory keyless entry system. While most factory systems have a range of around 100 feet, a remote start system can have a range of up to 800 feet. So if you’re in the concessions line at the movie theater and are wondering if you remembered to lock your car, you won’t have to walk back outside to be sure…just click the lock button on the remote start fob. Adding to that, many remote start systems can control vehicle sliding doors, trunk releases, and even track your car’s location in that huge mall parking lot.

While there are a number of untrue myths out there regarding remote starters, they are still spread around communities like wildfire. In fact, adding a remote start system to your car can add a number of conveniences as well as increase the safety factor of your personal driving experience. Of course, if you’re ready to get a system professionally installed don’t call your third cousin twice removed who tinkers around in his garage…call the experienced and professional crew here at Drops Mobile!