5 Ways Mobile Electronics Make Driving Safe and Enjoyable
  • March 16, 2016
  • News

 In recent years, technology advances have made leaps and bounds towards making the driving experience increasingly safer and more enjoyable. Long gone are the days of the cumbersome foldable maps or huge map books. With navigation and travel applications we no longer need to take a chance on a certain route being impeded by construction, bad road conditions, or accidents. The potential for fuel and maintenance savings are great through the use of current technology that is not only easy to operate, but affordable for just about any budget. We no longer are tethered to AM/FM radio for our news, entertainment, and weather updates…we can get instant information that is crucial to getting to our destination safe and relaxed. So, let’s go beyond the stock mobile electronics system in our vehicles and take a closer look at 5 ways mobile electronics can make our travel better.


Car Alarm Systems

Of course they a theft deterrent, which is important with the increase of vehicle theft and vandalism. In fact in the Atlanta area, there were over 4,400 incidents of vehicle theft last year and a staggering number of break ins and vandalism cases. This in itself should spur the prudent vehicle owner to invest in this type of mobile electronics system, but there’s an added benefit.


Owners of vehicle alarm systems are as a whole safer when approaching their vehicle. When you “click the button”, your horn chirps and your interior/exterior lights activate. This in itself acts as a deterrent for most would be criminals to keep a distance and not mess with you and/or your vehicle. With these 2 simple factors in mind, the question is why wouldn’t you have a vehicle alarm system installed in your car?


Remote Start Systems

   With our climate here in Georgia, a remote start system comes in handy. Whether it’s frigid outside in January or stifling hot in August, a remote start system is a welcome bit of relief from getting into a chilly or hot vehicle. In fact, these systems are bordering on necessary for those with health issues that are made worse by extreme temperatures. From asthmatics to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems along with other health issues would stand to benefit greatly from the use of a remote starter system that will get the vehicle to a comfortable temperature before they get into it.


   Of course, an added benefit of a remote start system is safety. Like a vehicle alarm, you won’t be approaching a dark vehicle at night or in a remote parking location. Worried about someone jumping into your vehicle and driving off while it’s running? Well, fear not…most of these mobile electronics require a key to be inserted to be able to place the vehicle into gear and move it. So, if you’re concerned about the temperature of a vehicle and your comfort or simply being able to increase your margin of safety when out and about…a remote starter system may be the solution for you.


Navigation Systems

   Like I mentioned above, long gone are the days of the awkward foldable paper maps or huge and cumbersome map books. Nowadays, electronic navigation systems not only provide you with directions and anticipated arrival times to your destination…they can also save you money and increase your safety.


   With a navigation system, you will surely notice savings in fuel and maintenance costs for your vehicle by being able to get to your destination via the most direct route and while oftentimes avoiding traffic, road hazards, and traffic incidents. To add to that, not only are cost savings the greatest advantage. With a navigation system along with some of the high tech applications out there you will be able to avoid these hazards to your trip and be able to focus on having a safe and more enjoyable drive, allowing you to arrive at your destination safely and calm. So, get a navigation system and be able to enjoy your trip as well as your destination…wherever that may be.


Bluetooth And Handsfree Technology

   Every year in our country, people are killed and hurt in accidents related to using wireless technology while driving. To combat this, localities are quickly adopting legislation to ban the use of mobile electronics without hands-free means of use. While at the time of this writing, Georgia has yet to enact similar laws…you can be assured that they may be a reality in the near future. With that in mind, wouldn’t you want to increase your element of safety while driving? I know that I would! Bluetooth and hands-free mobile electronics allow you to communicate during your drive while at the same time allowing you to increase your focus on the road and any hazards that may pop up around you. To add to that, not only does Bluetooth technology allow you to talk while driving but also send text-based messages by speaking what you want to be written. In addition, bluetooth often allows you to control other options in your vehicle like navigation, music selection etc.


Satellite Radio

   While most wouldn’t think that satellite radio would increase the safety factor of a trip but it can and often does. Satellite radio can often provide news and updates on occurrences that may affect your location or destination. This coupled with a navigation system may allow you to avoid potentially hazardous situations. In addition to the safety factor, satellite radio allows you to tailor your personal listening experience so that you can enjoy the music and entertainment that you like without the frequent commercial interruptions that plague normal “air” radio.


   As you can see, the recent advances in mobile electronics technology have made for an increasingly enjoyable driving experience. Through the use of one, a few, or all of the technology mentioned in this article you can enjoy the drive in comfort, be entertained, and arrive at your destination safe and calm…so you have a great trip from start to finish. Of course, the crew here at Drops Mobile is here to answer any questions you may have when it comes to customizing your personal driving experience!