Drops Mobile Financing

Gear up now. Pay Later.

cta-financeDrops Mobile Electronics, Inc. is proud to offer 90-day same as cash financing for all equipment and installation services we provide. Get your car gear and have it installed now and pay it off later!

Application Approval

Approval of your application depends on two factors: your checking account and your employment.

Checking Account Minimum Requirements

  • Open at least 3 months

  • Non-sufficient fund fees within the last 30 days

  • Allow up to 5 Protected Overdrafts

  • No Savings Accounts

Employment Minimum Requirements

  • 6 Months Employment

  • Gross at least $1,000 per month

Acceptable Income

  • Long Term Disability

  • Self Employment

  • Social Security

  • Retirement

  • VA

Unacceptable Income

  • Short term disability

  • Child support

  • Unemployment

  • Social Security for dependents

* Minimum amount that can be financed is $300. Maximum is $2,500.