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However, Qin Yu knew very well that there was no force behind him The Difference Between Hemp Cbd And Marijuana Cbd Oil blue crystal ball was taken out after he saw the energy wind crystal. On the other side, Qin Yu’s body also directly met the three super-high-level powerhouses at this moment, without using any supernatural powers In fact, at their level, every palm and punch are supernatural powers, and they are all evolutions of laws bang bang! The three super-high-level powerhouses did not Is Hemp Cbd A Controlled Substance In Us show any weakness The speed of the two sides’ fighting was very fast. After all, Qin Taishang’s current status is so high that it is naturally impossible to take action against a Thunder Clan, and they can also take the opportunity to seize some resources of the Thunder Clan Many forces are rushing to do this kind of thing. In addition, a Hemp Derived Cbd Vs Marijuana white bone shining with the power of law also appeared on the giant’s body The body of the bone that was destroyed by thousands of feet in the battle just now recovered hundreds of feet. Yay! Zhuiying’s immature voice was a Blue Ridge Hemp Cbd Oil little excited, Qin Yu glanced at it suspiciously, wondering why Zhuiying became excited when he saw the ten-square seal There should be ink pads under the hotel, ask them to get some to print a stamp to have a look. He spent half a month drawing and prepared a lot of things, including black dog blood, aged glutinous rice, a big rooster that has been around for many years, and a flood of firecrackers He first stood outside the villa, threw dozens of firecrackers inside, and the firecrackers rang for more than two Is Any Cbd Hemp Products Fda Approved hours Fortunately, it was not a vacation time, and there was no one in the villa area, and no one said he was disturbing the people. When the black dog blood will suddenly disappear, it means that this method is useless, and this shop is not suitable for opening again up. Buzz! Just when Mo Yongxin frowned slightly after listening to the man in black’s answer, Zhuiying trembled again, almost breaking free from Mo Yongxin’s hand, and heading towards a certain direction ahead. Is it just that, let’s wait until you finish everything! Luo Zhen’s expression remained the same, but the hand that formed the mudra was faster, and with the change of the mudra, the purple umbrella turned faster, and three beams of energy shot out in an instant Is Cbd Hemp Legal In Nc. Qin Yu Shaking his head, he knew the sharpness of Chasing Shadow, but it could only be regarded as average, and it might not even reach the level of this small knife Seeing the puzzled eyes of Fox and Tank, Qin Yu had no choice but to explain to them The reason why I was able to cut into the ground just now is because I used other methods to soften the soil in that place. Not to mention that the Mo Cbd Oil Fort Collins Co family does not have such a strong man, there are no more than five in the entire China, and the leader of the Taoism Alliance is one of them. You said that Li Yan died without a sound, without any resistance, are you sure you read it right? No, Master Li Yan didn’t take any action at all, but his body exploded, and Li He and the others did the same What Is The Best Cbd Hemp Oil I didn’t even notice how that person shot Hearing the old man’s answer, these earth immortal powerhouses were all silent. What the hell, I think this little brother is right, there Is Cbd Oil Made From Weed Or Hemp is no such thing as such a coincidence, this is simply a well-designed set Qin Yu heard everyone’s discussion, and sneered secretly The tour guide was lucky enough to be here. Bu Zihan couldn’t tell Qin Yu’s specific state, but he was very clear about the aura on his body, it was the unique aura of the Seventh Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp Heaven of Immortals suddenly The change of Would Cbd Oil Benefit Alzheimers Patients Agitation fish and dragon is not just that, what changes is the spirit of the whole person. Qin Yu sighed softly, and could only read Heaven has eyes, and there is Hemp Cbd Ointment For Pain Made In Texas a clear distinction between good and evil If you suffer from cramps and skin, you have to blame yourself Suffering after death is all on your own initiative Evil people do evil, and all good people can’t do it. Qin Yu was shocked by the words of the ancestor of the human race, but he was shocked only by the description of the reincarnation body by the ancestor of the human race, not because of the following words. Qin Yu pointed to the mountain peak opposite, and said The mountain facing the cemetery is called Chaoshan If the Chaoshan is high, the caves will be high, and if the Chaoshan is low, the caves will be low For anti-qi, you Hempiste Cbd should go down the sand to find the cave. He relies on his own strength, and he can go as far as his own strength can go But now the conditions offered by Piaoyang Junzi made Qin Bluebird Cbd Hemp Extract Luo sure that this rumor should be true. Interesting things? You don’t want to take us to corruption at night, right? Third, you are really depraved You Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Isolate have only been in the south for a few months, and you have become so corrupt. President Lin and Master Xiao have both been visited by me, but unfortunately they are also helpless to deal with my mother’s illness, and those Fengshui masters are not even at the level of these two, so how can they have a way to solve my mother’s illness. Therefore, even though they knew that the fat man Can You Extractcbd From Wet Hemp must be hiding something, they still decided to give it a try, and they all have self-confidence. I’m as upset with Qin Sisi as the fairy, and why should the fairy be worried? Everyone thinks that Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp the fairy is playing music What Is Tincture Cbd for fun. For Immortal Venerable, there is nothing in the worlds that giant thc gummy bear can attract him, so his eyes are set outside the worlds, he wants to go out of the worlds, he wants to conquer Industrial Hemp Cbd Vs Cannabis Cbd the outside world. Hey, this is your mobile phone! Hearing the voice, a policeman pushed the crowd away, and with three mobile phones in his hands, he quickly handed them back to Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp Qin Yu and the others Wang Ming, what’s the matter with you? Are you still organized and disciplined? How can you give them your mobile phone casually. Did you see Qin Lie Responding, the smile on Guangcheng’s divine body couldn’t hold back anymore, he snorted coldly, and the aura Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp on his body also began to radiate Behind him is the divine light. Because, the picture that appeared in the mirror was the picture Sun Hemp Cbd Oil where he was standing at the moment, and the picture in the mirror was flowing rapidly, starting from his current time point and going backwards in time. Xie Kangquan returned the notebook to Fengfeng, walked to the side, took out his phone and called his old leader, and after talking a few words through the phone, Xie Kangquan saluted to Fengfeng, and said We, the Public Security Buy High Cbd Oil Bureau and the explosion-proof team, all obey arrange. Could it be that it is the same as the competition for the dragon and phoenix rankings back then, every time you defeat an opponent, you can get a point, but in this Palace of Kings, the points are replaced by the power of the opponent’s law Qin Yu pondered, and the next moment his eyes became brighter. That’s right, this is Qin Yu’s real spatial ultimate move, using the law of space to hide Chasing Shadow, only waiting for a blow at Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp this critical moment. Therefore, the two sides don’t have much loyalty to speak of, they only belong to the happy lane cbd chews reviews type of interest binding, and these followers will never die for Yuzi Qin Yu, to be honest, we underestimated you, you have the capital of arrogance, but do you think you can be defiant just like this? As a Yuzi, which one does not have the strength to suppress several Nine Heavens peak powerhouses at the same Hemp Cbd Face Oil For Relief time. Some kind of terrifying mystical powers? Some kind of powerful magic weapon? The conversations on the Industrial Hemp Seeds For Cbd Flying Pigeon stage can be heard by those watching the battle, but the people on the stage can’t hear the words of the people watching the battle below the stage Since they stepped on the Feige final stage, they have been isolated in another small world. This building was built when I first came here to work as a security Hemp Cbd Documentaries guard The old man’s reply brightened the eyes of Qin Yu’s group It is quite appropriate to call this building the knife building. Yan Jian walked out of the entrance with a weird expression on his face If he could, he really didn’t want to be the first to come out, but he couldn’t help it. Xu Qing had little contact with this Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp elder since she went to college, but when she was young, Li Weijun had a good relationship with her father, and they lived in the same courtyard Uncle Li, I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you just now Haha, Uncle Li, I didn’t recognize you either. After entering serenity cbd gummies price the industrial park, Xu Qing showed an excited expression on her face, pulled out her gun from her waist, and walked cautiously towards the inside of the industrial park At this moment, there was no trace of fear in her heart, but nervousness and excitement. If it is increased according to this level, even the strong of the Earth Immortal and Nine Heavens will Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp probably go a few more times. However, this is not over yet, the big hand did not just withdraw, the next moment the big hand directly appeared in the depths of the starry sky, pinching Cang Ze between his fingers like a chicken, no matter how hard Cang Ze struggled, he could not escape. Xiao Jiu also spoke to Ye Mo, and Ye Mo snorted coldly, It’s okay, your father is dead, so this debt can only be placed on your head On the Nine Heavens, Qin Yu and Chi Cbd Oil Ny Yan fought together, while Xiao Jiu and Ye Mo also fought on the side of the Nine Heavens Four super-high-level powerhouses fought on the Nine Heavens at the same time. However, before that, I think you should keep other people away, because I can’t guarantee that there will be no danger When Aaron said Can Cbd Oul Be Bought Online Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp this, his expression was very serious. It is said that the dragon veins are actually changing all the time This kind of change has the reasons of the dragon vein itself and the external reasons It is impossible for a dragon vein to stay the same forever It’s just not Native Hemp Cbd time for the dragon’s veins to change Out Xu Qing waited for a long time, and finally found that the soldiers in the front had changed. Fellow Daoist Qin, even if he is your grandson, it may not be justifiable for you to kill an elder like this Fortunately, my daughter just Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp passed out. Naturally, some girls would not be exposed to others I have such abilities, isn’t it Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp that in front of me, they are quite transparent people without clothes. Moreover, the energy in the third vertical eye is obviously not luck, or even the Cbd Oil For Tbi dark tide, but another kind of power that he has never seen before. The strength of the Peerless Immortal King was fully revealed, and the entire human race had no power to fight back against Cang Ze It’s just that Cang Ze didn’t make a move immediately, but just stood here quietly, he seemed to be waiting Cbd Hemp Oil Explanation for something. After all, he Hemp Cbd Evaluated By The Fda also lost a lot of people just now, but he also knew very well that keeping these two people would not benefit him much, because With Qin Yu here, the two of them may not have their hearts towards him When the dark tide ends and they are in opposing positions with Qin Yu, these two may stand on Qin Yu’s side. Meng Fang nodded in the car, and then glanced at Qin Yu beside Meng Yao, showing a rare smile, but the smile hadn’t completely dissipated The sound of the engine came, and Meng Fang stepped on the gas pedal and roared away. Brother Qin, I think it’s better to take it easy, but brother, I will do my best to research whether there are other materials that can replace the blood of the Immortal King Although Edson said so, Qin Yu knew that there was little hope Without the blood of the Immortal King, the refining of this potion would not be successful. Qin Yu was silent, only feeling that the blood in his body was boiling Although Shan Zu didn’t say it Best Hemp Oil Cbd On Amazon clearly, he couldn’t guess it. When we were in the basement earlier, Yang Caier and I negotiated to let the four sisters possess the four of you, and then seek revenge on that man An ordinary person may not have enough strength, but Medterra Cbd Hemp Oil four people may take revenge. The thin palm instantly broke through the barrier of space and appeared in front of Qin Sisi With Qin Sisi’s strength, Cbd Oil For Panic Attacks it would be impossible to survive if this palm fell. Qin Yu, why don’t you go in and stand there in a daze? Mo Yongxing saw Qin Yu standing still at the door of the side room, and walked over suspiciously Qin Yu looked at the side room with an unnatural expression on his face There are not many things in the side room, which can be seen at a glance There is a bunk bed and a large ceramic vat What made Qin Yu’s expression unnatural was a woman on the bed. No building, impossible, you’re thinking about it Hmph, playing tricks, who do you think you are, you can Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp still know whether there is a building next to the father’s grave When Fan Mu heard Zhang Ming’s answer, he sneered and said disdainfully Qin Yu glanced at Fanmu, and responded lightly. Feng Hai’s face was cloudy and uncertain, he was on the verge of riding a tiger, and he was not sure of defeating Qin Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp Yu when he started a war and this was still Feng Yuxing, if there was a real fight here, the entire Phoenix Yuxing would probably cease to exist. Everyone knew that the blood belonged to Qin Yu, because those The super-high-level powerhouses evolved by the power of law have no blood Thirty-six super-high-level powerhouses can’t stand it even in a wheel battle. Seeing Qin Yu’s expression, Zhang Hua and Non Gmo Hemp Cbd Capsules Li Weijun didn’t dare to disturb him, but just looked at Qin Yu quietly, waiting for him to finish thinking. puff! Those disciples who escaped hadn’t run a hundred meters away, but after being burned by the flames and fell to the ground, they wailed in pain Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp a few times and remained silent. Fortunately, Peach Blossom Spring is a sacred place of human race, no one can appear here in a hundred miles around, and there is a formation arranged by Qin Yu here to block the prying eyes of the gods, otherwise, the scene of Qin Cbdpure Cbd Hemp Oil Yu waiting at the door will be shocking if it spreads out The entire heavens and hundred worlds. Wang Er knew that the ghost should be Can’t Cbd Oil For Menstrual Cramps wait to be injured by the Taomu sword, left the body of the distant relative, did not dare to neglect immediately, put the distant relative on his back, turned around and ran away Along the way, Wang Er stabbed his palm fiercely with a peach stick. Escape, don’t forget that this young man from the Zangtian clan showed up to fight Luo Ke because of the human race, even if he wanted to escape from the human race, what should he do? These Is Cbd Hemp Oil words awakened everyone, and also made the faces of the human race show worry and self-blame. As long as these weasels enter the yard, they will burn the firewood outside the Cbd Hemp Vs Flower yard, and then come to a urn to catch turtles and kill these weasels Let’s catch everything in one go, so as to avoid future troubles. For him, Yuanyuan was the first one to come back, and there were a few other little guys to bring back together, but compared to Yuanyuan, the others were easier to find. This time the incident itself was done by the third Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp master If you take action against a member of the clan, it is tantamount to betraying the clan. Black mist also emerged from the body of the first Pluto, and this black mist was condensed from the dark energy of the underworld, an existence similar to ghost energy The black mist condensed into a chain, and the first Cbd Hemp Oil Peppermint Drops 250mg Pluto waved the chain, which directly caused the entire underworld to shake. Yunrong took the needle, bit her lip lightly, and pricked her finger with the needle After a while, blood began How Much Cbd Hemp Is In A Cart to drip out along the needle hole. It’s a bit far away, Qin Yu retracted his thoughts, and said The design of this house is a standard layout of two halls and four rooms If you draw a line from the middle, you can see that the two sides are symmetrical and exactly the same. question, and continued If you have been to the spirit world, you should know that I created the Cbd Oil Natural Hemp creatures in the spirit world In fact, when I created the spirit race, I had a lot of insights. I have tried this Buddha statue several times, and it will only appear when there are water droplets on it Wang Er’s relative saw everyone’s actions and explained As for the water, there is a faucet installed in the garage, which is presumably Pure Cbd Isolate Powder Crystalline From Hemp Wholesale used to wash away the dust from the car. Thinking of this, they felt chills all over their bodies, and they no longer dared to stay at high altitude, they quickly fell towards the ground, and they did not breathe a sigh of relief until the moment they fell back to the ground However, not all ten people fell back to the ground Cbd Oil Sioux Falls Sd safe and sound. When I first heard about him from Lin Fengxue, it seemed that he was just a celestial being, but how long has passed to grow to Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp this point, which is much better than that person. After all, although there have been elders fighting against each other in the peak battlefield, most of those elders are in the early stage of the Earth Immortal Jiuzhongtian, Grow 4 Life Aurora Hydroponic Organic Supply Cbd Hemp and there is really no such thing as Luo Zhen who has reached the realm of a half-step Immortal King. When they came to the gate of the villa, Wang Er and his relatives were already standing at the gate of the villa, looking forward to it Seeing Qin Yu and the others Industrial Hemp Cbd Levels coming, they rushed to welcome them. I’m Xiaoyu, cousin, are you calling me? It’s Xiaoyu, but Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp wait until your call, where have you been these days, wait a minute Hearing Qin Yu’s voice, Zhang Hua’s words increased by more than ten decibels, there were mixed voices, obviously Zhang Hua planned to go to a clean place and talk to him. Meng Yao’s mother’s non-discussing tone made Meng Yao look at Qin Yu Qin Yu gave Meng Yao a reassuring look, and Meng Yao reluctantly got up from the sofa, moved slowly, and walked to the room The eye contact between Meng Yao and Qin Yu did not escape the eyes of Meng Yao’s mother. Among them is a strong man from the eighth heaven of earth immortals who stepped out of the colorful lights to spy out of curiosity, but the next moment Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp he was caught by a The terrifying beast was devoured directly. Although these people are their followers, they are only followers, and they can’t die Diy Hemp Oil Cbd Salve for them servant Followers and Yuzi are more of a cooperative relationship. The first Pluto is responsible for managing all affairs of the entire underworld, while the second and third Plutos are extremely mysterious Only the first Pluto knows the whereabouts of the two Legal Hemp Cbd Shop Even if it is Feng Wuxie, he has never seen the second Hades and the third Hades after entering the underworld for so long. The two of you can’t do Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp it, you were as famous as Qin Yu at the beginning, why is there so much difference now? Aaron ignored Cangze but glanced at Fozi and Lian Yunzi This made Fozi and Lian Yunzi smile bitterly. The eyes and expression of the front desk lady did not escape Qin Yu’s eyes He probably understood what the front desk lady was thinking. There is no big name, but there is an old man Xian, you can call me old man Bao The old man smiled and showed his white teeth At such an age, he has never lost a single tooth Bag old Qin Yu will not be so ignorant of the rules Since the old man’s surname is Bao, he can be called Bao Lao respectfully. An Immortal King is the luck of a world condensed in him, and when this Immortal King falls, this world will inevitably cry The rain of blood is the tears of the world. That’s right, Qin Yu’s answer can’t be false, I’ve seen it Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp myself, and I’m not a member of the GZ Metaphysics Society, so everyone should believe what I say Pang Guang also stood up to testify for Lin Qiusheng. it is difficult to link from the paragraph, this is the effect of the Cbd Oil Legal In Texas 2017 aura repelling each other, the white tiger is like a magnet, with its aura, and the unicorn has a different aura, when the unicorn is facing the white tiger, The two auras will collide with each other, creating resistance, so the last step cannot be turned, precisely because of Baihusha’s aura. But now, just such a young man who is not from Dongluo Peak unexpectedly appeared on the battlefield, and even slapped Feng Tuan away with his hands, this is worse than the nature of the elders’ attacks Everyone was waiting for the Immortal King-level powerhouse to make a move, but as time went by, they never saw it. However, as soon as this Sunset Peak disciple finished speaking, he was drowned out by other people’s voices Look, they will continue to break through, and Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp they are still two people together. Taking Cbd Oil Qin Yu curled his lips, didn’t you see your mother’s attitude towards your brother? It’s obviously divided If I want to take away my daughter who has been raised for more than 20 years, I’m afraid the treatment will be even lower So what do you think, do you want to get cold feet? Meng Yao put her hands on her waist and glared at Qin Yu angrily. Bitter tea, the tea maker, the true Buddha! Bitter tea, true Buddha too! Zhiren recited silently twice, then suddenly relaxed and laughed, got up and bowed to Qin Yu, and said Zhiren thank Layman Qin for his enlightenment, but it’s a pity that the poor monk who sips bitter tea is not as clear as Layman Qin, and said a word Breaking through the Zen machine. Qin Yu’s eyes were fixed on Zhuiying’s exposed sword hilt Whether he could communicate with the dragon spirit was the prerequisite Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp for Qin Yu to destroy the dragon pillar. Boom! But within a cup of tea, this disciple of the Meng family actually broke through to the seventh rank, and Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp finally stabilized completely in the late seventh rank I what’s wrong with me? This disciple of the Meng family didn’t know what happened He only remembered that the middle-aged man kicked him earlier, but he couldn’t remember after that. the Supreme Immortal King, because in the eyes of Tasty Hemp Oil Cbd Gel Caps Chi Yan and other powers of the Supreme Immortal King, Qin Yu What he did was nothing at all, and Qin Yu was already in the Palace of Kings when Chi Yan reappeared in the heavens and hundred realms. Leng Rou also saw Qin Yu, with a surprised expression on her face, she also did not expect to meet Qin Yu again, and it was still in this place Qin Yu didn’t have a good impression of Leng Rou A woman used her looks to numb a Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp man and steal. It seemed to feel Qin Yu’s inner voice, and also seemed to be unable to destroy the ghost mother for a long time, Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp and Zhuiying was also angry. However, at this moment, no one dared to step Hemp Bombs Cbd Oil For Wrinkles forward to snatch it, because they knew who these treasures were for This was the apology from Zhuangshenyuan to Qin Taishang, and it was five times more than before. Facing the opponent’s thousand disciples, he said in a loud voice Eastern Luofeng disciple Yu Gaofei is here, whoever comes up will die! I will fight you! An introductory disciple from Sunset Peak stepped out, at the peak of the Seventh Heaven of. Although they praise the beauty of Cbd Hemp Tea Benefits mountains, rivers and historical sites, there is a strong sense of desolation in the words and sentences. Seeing this ghost mother, Qin Yu finally knew what kind of feng shui formation Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp was set up here Ghost Mother Nine Sons Absorbing Soul Formation is an evil formation, also known as Nine Sons Absorbing Yang Formation. There are fifteen peers who chose this pinch of wind, and the only ones who chose this number one are the few in my hand Lin Qiusheng spread out the remaining forms in his hands, and there were only four There were more than two hundred Feng Shui masters, but only four were selected first. boom! A huge sword appeared in American Hemp Cbd Products the guardian’s hand Under the swing of this giant sword, the power of hundreds of laws roared and fell down. Only the fifth senior brother, Edson, stared at the pile of green poop with Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp bright eyes at the moment, and shouted to Qin Yu with a happy face Junior Brother Qin, this time we sent it What’s the meaning? Qin Yu asked with a frown. The crowd discussed, Jianfeng’s disciples had fiery adoration expressions on their faces, while on Dongluofeng’s side, all the disciples looked dignified Because all of them understood that Dong Luofeng had very little chance Maximum Thc In Cbd From Hemp of winning this battle. Qin Yu smiled, and there was no expression of anger on Cbd Oil Tranquil his face, except that he couldn’t bear the first drop in realm, and now he can accept this reality Fifth senior brother, don’t blame yourself. Hmph, who told you not to follow me when I was teleporting back then? I told you to hold me so that I wouldn’t be scattered by the space vortex Didn’t I want to drag Brother Bing down? Bai Jin had an aggrieved expression on his Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp face, but Qin Yu on the side looked weird. So Bodhidharma faced the wall, turned his back to the Dharma seeker with the broken arm, and faced the Dharma seeker with the broken arm. Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp He is an extremely cold and ruthless person If the Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is involved, those people will probably be miserable. How old are you! Xiao Jiu directly chose to ignore it, and Chen Zhonghuang’s face darkened It seems that I have not been born in Death Beihai for many years, and the world has forgotten how powerful I am in Death Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp Beihai. He was obviously holding a chicken feather as an arrow Li Weijun immediately picked up Do Hemp Microgreens Contain Cbd the phone and was about to call a friend he knew at the top of the police station. There is a saying among our Feng Shui masters Be fast and fight against the three evil spirits And this dragon tortoise has the function of transforming the three evil spirits. In fact, the reason why the senior didn’t say anything was because according to what the senior said, every person who stepped into the world Cbd Oil Stock Price of the ruins suffered a lot When the fat man said this, the jade boat felt shaking, and the next moment, it landed on this continent. You know the yellow mud road, that means you should walk the yellow mud Faqs Hemp Cbd road, yellow mud What’s wrong with Luke? The ancestor of the human race suddenly asked, this was the first time he asked Qin Yu a question. After a while, Qin Yu’s face revealed a look of enlightenment, but then a look of horror Cbd Gummies For Pain Hemp flashed in his eyes, because he suddenly thought of an extremely terrifying horrible fact. Of course, this book of sages does not refer to the human race, but the books written by all the sages in the heavens and the world.

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