Product Spotlight – The 2 Wheel Smartboard
  • December 19, 2015
  • News

If you grew up like me in the 80’s(yeah I’m showing my age), we had skateboards, BMX bikes, and a few variations of scooters. I remember that I was always dealing with flat tires or scrapes from the hard wheels of my skateboard hitting rocks and sending me flying. Of course that was 30 years ago and since then we’ve seen some pretty cool technology advances in recreational rideables. From the mini scooter to the Segway, there has been some pretty interesting ways to get to the corner store in the past few decades! Now we have this newest piece of rideable technology…often called “that 2 wheeled joint” because there’s no easy way to define what it is. So let’s take a quick look at the 2 wheeled self balancing scooter.

What Is The 2 Wheeled Self Balancing Scooter?
In looking at this item, to me it doesn’t resemble a skateboard since the wheels are on the side of the board and not on the front and back. I personally can’t really call it a scooter because every scooter I’ve seen has a handle of some fashion. What I can tell you is at the first glance it looks like something that will have my 40 year old body in the emergency room faster than my wife can yell “What are you doing!?”. Well, I quickly found after my first ride on one of these contraptions that it probably won’t send me to the ER and it was rather easy to jump on and ride after a few “shakes” and “whoa’s”. So I had to ask the question of why does this contraption that seems impossible to ride turn out to be so simple to master?

The Technology Under The Hood
What I found about the self balancing scooter after a little research is that housed inside it are a set of gyroscopes that provide a great deal of balance for the rider. These little balancing wonders coupled with intuitive software and electronics make for an easy to ride and maneuver little contraption!

What Are The Specs On This Cool Little Ridable?
First off this board can zip along at a max speed of about 6 MPH, of course I’m a little heavier than most that would ride this so I would guess I hit about the equivalent of a really slow jog on it. The board can run for about 2-3 hours(depending on load and speed) on a single battery charge and is constructed of aluminum and a composite(tough) plastic. With respect to load, it claims rider weight of up to 225lbs. Of course I’m just a little higher than that at 230 and it handled perfectly fine for me. In my opinion this is a fun little way to get to the corner store and back…while drawing envy and stares from my neighbors!

So when you’re ready to retire that old skateboard or need another way to get to your friends house around the way, get with us here at Drops Mobile and pick up one of these boards! Remember, we offer financing so you can have fun now and pay later!