In Dash Navigation System
  • January 15, 2016
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Vehicle Navigation Systems

Here we go again with me showing my age…I recall the days of road trips back in the day and holding the coveted title of “Navigator”. Armed with a stack of foldable paper maps purchased along the route at gas stations coupled with Doritos and Dr. Pepper, we set out to reach our destination. Of course no trip was complete without having to pull off and ask for directions which were only accurate based on where you stopped and how you asked. There’s a part of me that misses those days, but that nostalgia is fleeting whenever I get in my truck and simply speak or type in the address of my destination. Ah, technology is great! I can get to wherever I want without my floorboards littered with maps that won’t fold back up! With that in mind, if you don’t have a navigation system installed in your vehicle…I suggest that you take the plunge. Your road trips will never be the same!

Is An In Dash Navigation System Affordable?

In a couple of words, yes it is. Of course if you have a smartphone you can navigate using that, but it adds a risk factor with having to be distracted from your driving while manipulating the phone and trying to keep an eye on the screen while trying to stay on the road. So, there’s the priceless factor of your safety. In addition having to use your phone usually sucks down your monthly data allotment leading to higher wireless bills. In the case with sticking to the old school method, those maps that don’t ever fold up right? Nowadays, they run upwards of 10-15 bucks each(trust me on this, I recently checked…just out of curiosity). Most navigation systems can be installed in your vehicle for under 1000 dollars. So even if you own your car for 3 years, that equates to less than a dollar a day for a safe and easy solution to your travel. In addition, most in dash systems also offer other features like satellite radio, and hands free communication. So, while there is an upfront investment in the unit and professional installation, you will get years of happy motoring out of it. In addition, we offer financing with easy terms to help you manage your purchase!

Let Drops Mobile Help

Here at Drops Mobile we feature only the highest quality in dash systems like the Kenwood DNX572BH Navigation Receiver w/Bluetooth and the Kenwood DNX772HD Navigation Receiver w/Bluetooth coupled with the most experienced professional installation in the Atlanta Metro area. From answering your initial questions, arranging simple financing, to the purchase and installation, and even helping you learn how to use your new unit we are here for you.