Satellite Radio Is The Answer!
  • February 22, 2016
  • News

Tired Of Commercials and Talk? Satellite Radio Is The Answer!

I remember like it was yesterday, I was in my early 20’s and working the night shift. When I got off of work and started the drive home, the only thing on the radio was a slew of the usual morning talk radio and news reports. At that point in my day all I really wanted was to listen to some good music while I drove back to my little apartment…without talk or commercials. A friend of mine overheard my complaints one night at dinner and suggested that I get this new thing called “satellite radio”. Bear in mind that this was well over 10 years ago and satellite radio was truly a new thing. I researched into it and realized that while there was a small monthly fee, most of the channels had no commercials and the ones that offered music did just that…played music. Long story short, I took the bait and bought a small receiver, plugged it up in my truck and have enjoyed a commercial free listening experience ever since.


Why Get Satellite Radio?

Aside from the benefits of no or at the very least limited commercial interruption like I stated above, satellite radio has other awesome benefits. First, the sound quality is insanely better than your regular local AM/FM radio. Paired with the right sound system(yes, we can take care of that for you too!), your ride around town can sound just like you’re in the studio with your favorite recording artist. Another benefit is the cost of entry into the world of satellite radio is low. Most often the vehicle units we install already hold the capability, so it’s a simple matter of registering for the service. If your vehicle’s unit isn’t equipped with the capability, the crew here at Drops has a couple of rather simple, yet powerful units that can be had for less than 100 dollars and the cost of installation! Let’s take quick glance at them.


The XM Onyx EZ With Vehicle Kit

The powerful and visually appealing XM Onyx EZ can be had from us at Drops Mobile for the wallet friendly price of 69.99 plus installation. With an easy to read blue display and ability to save up to 10 of your favorite channels, this one is sure to please.  The rest of its features are listed here:


The Sirius XM Onyx Plus With Vehicle Kit

For those that want more options in their satellite radio unit but want to stick with their monthly budget, we have the Sirius XM Onyx Plus. At only 99.99 this unit is sure to bring satellite radio to the masses. With its full color display and ability to save up to 20 of your favorite channels, it will also please the masses.  It’s long list of features can be seen here:


As you can clearly see, almost anyone can enjoy the benefits and amazing sound quality of satellite radio. So, let the crew at Drops add this to your vehicle and enjoy the drive once again!