The Benefits of Apple CarPlay
  • October 26, 2017
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The Benefits of Apple CarPlay

If you’ve looked at just about any new car in the past year or two, you’ve seen that it’s almost requisite for any solid infotainment system to come with full smartphone app integration using programs like Apple CarPlay. Of course, Apple fans are always excited to see their phone become integrated in any way they can, but many people are confused as to what it actually is or how it works.

If you’ve heard of this kind of app integration and are wondering what it is, or why it might be a good thing to have it as a part of your infotainment system, here’s your answer. Learn the complete benefits of having Apple CarPlay in your vehicle’s factory or aftermarket infotainment system, and learn where you can get it today.

Benefits of Apple CarPlay

There are many benefits of Apple CarPlay installation in your vehicle’s infotainment system. It offers fewer distractions, a car-optimized app experience, the convenience of Siri through your stereo, the ability to set up reminders, built-in GPS navigation, voice-to-text, audio streaming and more.

Fewer Distractions

Distracted driving is a major problem on the roadways today. It’s the cause of more accidents than anything other than DUI, and many studies claim it’s just as dangerous. This means the less time you spend fiddling with your stereo, and the more focus you have on the road, the better you are. Apple CarPlay allows you to do just that — with most functions available just by talking!

Car-Optimized App Experience

The app integration you get from CarPlay allows you an app experience that’s optimized specifically for your car. For starters, the screen will be much larger and easier to read at a glance. It also has a layout specifically designed for car use, with easy to see and use interfaces, and removing smaller and redundant features. In essence, it gives you a full iOS experience, perfectly optimized for your vehicle, without extra distractions.

Siri at Your Command

The CarPlay Interface puts Siri right at your command and right through your infotainment system. Some systems use a button on the touchscreen or steering wheel button; others allow you to simply say “Hey, Siri,” to call her up. This allows you to get all your updates and information while on the move without taking your eyes off the road.

GPS Navigation and App Control

Looking for GPS navigation? It’s integrated! The same goes for your audio streaming and Internet radio apps. Even better, you can take advantage of voice-to-text functions which allow you to send text messages by speaking, or have them read to you by your car stereo. Again, an advantage in terms of fewer distractions, and a great convenience.

These are just a few of the many benefits of Apple CarPlay in your car infotainment system. In addition to getting a much better stereo system, adding this form of app integration gives you your full iPhone experience, directed right through your center console. Know where all your controls are and never worry about having to create new accounts again.

If you’d like more information about adding an aftermarket infotainment system with Apple CarPlay to your vehicle, get in touch with Drops Mobile today!