Drops Mobile Featured in Mobile Electronics Magazine!

Oftentimes when a business starts out, there is a plan and direction. Drops Mobile is no different. The company started out serving consumers with high quality components and professional installations. While they still serve the consumer and take pride in the quality and level of service provided, there was another opportunity that presented itself over time for Drops Mobile to shine, and that opportunity was in the B2B sphere. According to Drops Owner, Deshawn Howard; “We started out on the consumer side, then I learned about the process of bidding on fleet projects. We do both now, but I lean more towards the B2B side”.

Mobile Electronics Magazine Features Drops Mobile

Recently, the owner of Drops Mobile, Deshawn Howard was featured in an article in the April 2017 issue of Mobile Electronics magazine. Not only for his thought leadership in the industry, but also highlighting the opportunities the company has taken to serve not only other businesses, but the very folks that keep our communities safe. Going further, Deshawn discusses the B2B marketplace for mobile electronics and the endless possibilities for not only Drops Mobile, but for the industry as a whole.

Serving Those Who Serve Us

In the article, Deshawn talks about the planning and work that went into a contract that he was awarded to install GPS units in all 550 vehicles in the Savannah Police Department’s fleet. While the actual job was completed in a week(no small feat for an operation of any size), Deshawn highlights that the real work was done behind the scenes. With the bidding and contracts, coupled with partnering with the manufacturer of the GPS units, quite a few pieces had to fall into place before the Drops Mobile team loaded up their service vehicles and hit the road to actually complete the install. In the end, Deshawn and his team rose to the occasion and completed the install, and the department couldn’t be happier with their new GPS units.

Deshawn’s Advice For The Industry

Compared to breaking into the consumer market in a local area, the process to enter and be successful in the B2B sphere is somewhat more involved. However, it is far from impossible. According to Deshawn, partnerships with key manufacturers is crucial. Going further, using subscription services like bidRFP for locating and bidding on opportunities will streamline the process for retailers looking to enter the B2B and fleet marketplace.

In the end, Deshawn offers this sage advice for retailers entering the fleet and B2B world; “Retailers should reach out to the manufacturers that are out there and let them know that they’re looking for work. They’re always looking for quality companies to partner with. Stay on top of your pricing also. Stand your ground. If everyone stands their ground as a whole, whether it’s in this world or the consumer world, we all get to making money.”