Why You Need a Back-Up Camera
  • March 8, 2017
  • News

Many of us have been there, backing out of a driveway or parking space and you hear a horrible crunching sound, you put the vehicle in park and get out to investigate. Just what you thought, you ran over something. It could be anything, a trash can, shopping cart, or something you forgot to put in your trunk. What about those tight parallel parking situations? I know that I have fell victim to a little “kiss” on my bumper. It’s an all too often occurring, yet avoidable situation. But how? Most often your rear view mirrors won’t allow you to see most objects obstructing your path. What about a back-up camera?

Back-up cameras are an increasingly seen option on many new car models, but what if your car doesn’t come equipped from the factory with one? Well, you’re in luck! Back-up cameras can be easily installed on most vehicles. What’s better? They’re affordable!

The Benefits of a Back-up Camera

Simply put, by adding a back-up camera to your vehicle, you can see what’s usually unseen with standard rear view mirrors. This will allow you to park easier, back out of your driveway safer, and add to the safety factor by being able to view people approaching your vehicle.

What Type Of Back-up Cameras Are There?

Generally, there are two types of back-up cameras. First there is the license plate mounted camera that is mounted to the frame of your rear license plate. These are often popular options for cars and vehicles without rear latches. The second type is a custom handle mount. These are widely used on trucks, SUV’s and minivans equipped with a longer latch handle for rear storage access. Your back-up camera installation expert can advise you on the best solution for your particular vehicle.

How To View The Image From Your Back-up Camera

When it comes to viewing the image from your back-up camera while seated in your vehicle, there are three general options. First, there is the ability on some vehicles already equipped with an in-dash screen to integrate the camera with the existing hardware. Second, you can get a rearview mirror with a small embedded screen, allowing you to view the image from the back-up camera without having to take your eyes off of the mirror. The third option is to add an aftermarket screen to the interior of your vehicle. Of course, the best option will depend on the vehicle and your personal preferences.

The Experts at Drops Mobile Are Here to Help!

No matter what type of back-up camera you get, you will gain the benefits of a clearer view behind your vehicle and an added margin of safety for your daily driving. Not sure what the best back-up camera solution is for you? Just ask the experienced team here at Drops