Tis’ The Season…To Get A Remote Starter!
  • November 6, 2015
  • News

Remote Car StarterWe all know that feeling. It’s a cold morning and you have to be at work for the early shift. You’re sitting in your warm house with a hot cup of coffee and dreading having to go outside. You’re dreading it because you know what awaits….sitting in your freezing car for the 10-15 minutes it takes for the heater to actually start pumping out warm air. Does it really have to be this way? You could always have a dedicated friend or family member go outside and warm up your car for you, but is that really a smart option? I mean having your vehicle sitting outside running…with the keys in it? Probably not. Did you know that there is a third and better option? Well, friends and neighbors…there is! It’s the option of having the crew at Drops Mobile install a remote starter in your car! There’s no need to wait at a shop, Drops Mobile will come to you.

What Are The Benefits Of A Remote Starter?

Aside from it being a pretty cool trick to be able to press a button and start your vehicle, remote starters hold a few important benefits for your vehicle and you. First, is the comfort aspect like we talked about above? You have the ability to go from a warm house directly into a warm vehicle. For most this seems like enough benefit alone to get a remote start installed, but there’s more. A second benefit of a remote starter is security. With a remote starter you can set your vehicle to start and activate lights, this alone can act as a crime deterrent. Approaching a vehicle that is running with lights on versus a dark and cold vehicle while digging for your keys may make a potential perpetrator think twice about making you their victim! The final benefit that we will talk about is adding longevity to your vehicle. By allowing your engine to warm up for a short period of time before driving it reduces wear and tear that takes valuable years of service off of your vehicle.

What Type Of Remote Starter Should I get?

When it comes to options for a remote starter, You can go from simple to complex. If you just want a simple one button remote starter, the Avital One-Button Remote Start is the choice for you! It features a straightforward single button key fob operation with vehicle starting and unlocking capabilities.  If you like features like vehicle start confirmation, added range(up to 2000 feet), light flashing, and horn honk then you should opt for the Viper Value 2 way remote starter system. Do you love technology? Don’t want to deal with the key fob? Like using a mobile app for your remote starter? Then opt for the Viper Smart Start Remote Starter System! With one touch operation via your smartphone, this unit offers virtually unlimited range as well as a suite of options like lock/unlock, panic, trunk opening, and lights!

Whatever your reason for getting a remote start or level of unit you would like, be rest assured that the crew at Drops Mobile has got you covered! So give us a shout and put your days of getting into that cold(or hot) car a thing of the past!