• September 11, 2015
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bluetooth connectionGoing back and forth to work, picking up the kids, going to all kinds of activities both during the week and on the weekends, just life’s activities dictates we are in the car more and more each and every day.  We all know that using mobile phones while driving is bad news.  By learning how to use Bluetooth “in car” technology, it is easy to stay safely in touch with your family, friends, and work colleagues while on the road.  Some easy instructions that you may not know about how to use Bluetooth features are as follows.


Newer cars are equipped with Bluetooth technology that, among other things, allow for wireless hands-free mobile communication.  It is easy to learn the Bluetooth technology that comes in your automobile which prevents you from fooling around with your phone as you drive looking for information which could prove to be dangerous and expensive if you get caught.

  • -You may also have to change the settings so that your device can be discovered by other devices.
  • -Turn on your car’s ignition so that your car’s audio or Bluetooth feature is operating.
  • -Some phones will automatically search for devices with which to pair; others require prompting.
  • -Once your phone discovers your car’s Bluetooth device, simply accept the connection, and you will be ready to connect with the outside world.


Understanding the available technologies Bluetooth offers in the automobile is more than just mobile phones.  Many of the car entertainment systems will allow access to many other features of your smartphone.  There are a multitude of features available depending on your car system features and your smartphone features such as internet access, email access, map features, listen to recorded music, etc.

Voice activation is another cool feature of Bluetooth technology for texting, emailing, cruising the internet and much more.

A wide range of navigation apps also are available for download from the Internet to your smartphone.

They will give you up-to-date traffic conditions, best routes, and places of interest such as restaurants and shopping centers.  There are apps that can find the best gas prices, the cheapest mechanic, and your car itself in that maze of a parking lot.

The many, many uses for Bluetooth technology in automobiles allows us to stay connected even while driving. You are never out of touch so you never miss the important things in life whether it be personal or business.  Here at Drops Mobile we can assist you in getting connected with the latest Bluetooth automotive technologies.  Stay Connected….